Unseen Heroes


Artwork by @anglikesstuff

WE  WHO LIVE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS ARE FIGHTING AN UNSEEN BATTLE. We face an internal and relentless foe who tells us we are worthless, doomed to failure, and that life is meaningless. Yet with some superhuman effort we find a way. We love, though we often feel unloved. We work, though we often wake up feeling exhausted, as though the day should be ending. We smile and coexist in the world, in spite of the desire to be at home, safe, behind closed doors. We dutifully live the facade of, “I’m well. And you?” Often we are not well. Often we are not fine. Often we are exhausted, scared, and simply hanging on.

And still…we endure. We use what is left of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to live in the “seen world” as mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, friends and lovers, teachers and students, managers and employees, volunteers, grandparents, and on and on.  We are the incredible soldiers of resilience and fortitude. We are the unseen heroes, performing amazing acts of courage and sacrifice on an internal front behind smiling eyes and warm hellos. May we take comfort in the knowledge that we are not alone.


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