“What People With Depression Want You to Know” (a video by buzzfeed)

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And if you don’t mind, drop me a comment about the statement that hit home for you. For me it was this one. “Depression is not a choice. It’s a complex medical disorder.”

I still remember having a college professor tell us that depression was a game, a choice. She said that people who claimed to be depressed were simply trying to manipulate others. At 19, I believed everything my professors said, but I remember feeling very confused. I knew I felt terrible and didn’t think I was playing a game or trying to manipulate anyone. But I trusted this professor and took her words as truth. I felt guilty and weak because I couldn’t shake it off. I worry about any students in that class who, like me, were struggling with the “complex medical disorder” that is depression. We should watch what we say. Our words have the power to confuse, embarrass, and demoralize others. Conversely, we can lift, inspire, and comfort others with our words. No one needs the comfort of informed and good words more than the depressed.

Thanks for reading.

The Bellowing Angels (T.B.A.)






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