#goodwords ~ demi lovato


Demi Lovato was incredible covering Lionel Richie’s, “Hello,” at the Grammy’s tonight. My wife sent me an article about Demi’s struggle with Bipolar Disorder. Here’s a link to the article.

I feel like it’s the best way to describe it. I think when someone gets to rock bottom and they need a way out of that hole, the only way to get out is to surrender and ask for help. 


#goodwords for


february 15,


thank you, demi lovato

I appreciate Demi’s willingness to share her struggle with Bipolar Disorder. It takes a lot of courage for a young celebrity to open up like that. There’s a lot at stake. I can relate to her words about surrendering. I think of surrendering as acceptance. And once we surrender and accept our mental illnesses we’re on the path toward recovery. Demi also talks about “telling on herself.” I do the same with my family when I can feel my Bipolar illness causing me to act out. Demi get’s it! She’s a HERO for speaking out for the cause. Go Demi!!!


Stay the course. Keep the faith. You’re a hero.


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