Shards of Glass

shards of glass

A Boy and his Father
walk into the night,
highway buzzing lowly to the east,
stars blinking overhead as if to say
we’re watching you. We understand.

Bare feet, dark brown and light.
Skin upon dusty dirt,
and the earth holds firm.

They walk deep into the night
talking, for the moment, as men.
Life has not been easy of late.
Poverty. Violence. Confusion. Addiction.


But on this night, God has granted a reprieve.
On this night plain,
one thousand steps of comfort and back home.

And in the morning, the boy awakens,
harkening back to the evening prior,
as though it were one of those delicious dreams,
the kind we remember, even as we age.

He rises and walks out to the earthen plain
where He and His Father’s bare feet trod.
And on the land,
like impossible waves upon an unforgiving sea,
lay a million shards of glass.

And gazing upon the impossible scene,
the Boy feels his feet, healthy and unblemished.
And He knows that all is well.




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