Just Get Up.

The key to life is getting up. It isn’t about winning or being the best. It is about getting up and participating. We’ve been taught to compete with one another, that the only way to win is if someone else loses. But this is pure nonsense! Just get up. However you’re feeling, just get up. If you believe whole heartedly that the day is going to be terrible, just get up. Just. Get. Up. Do the very best you can. Help someone if you can. And give whatever you can to the world. It isn’t about winning. It isn’t about not losing. It’s about getting up and giving whatever you can. It’s about appreciating the beauty of this world and the people in it. Just get up. And when you get up, congratulate yourself. This world is tough and you have to be soldier, a warrior at times to make it. But at other times, the world offers up such beauty, such wonder, that love and gratitude are the only emotions you’re capable of. You’ll laugh like a child and enjoy the light of faith. These moments will come if you just get up.

Do your best. Have faith that the universe is on your side. And just get up.

Peace to you.

The Bellowing Angels



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