#goodwords ~levin guerra

A monster comes by every single day
To claw at me and tear my soul apart.
He first came months ago in early May
After my dearest mother did depart.

I hear he visits you as well as me,
Rests in your heart to stay and torment you.
He rips you all to shreds with eerie glee
And then he leaves you drowning, feeling blue.

His hold on me is stronger than I’d hoped.
It looks as though with him you might be stuck.
Into his clutches I fear we’ve been roped.
And we just simply might be out of luck.

But if we stand our ground and start a fight,
We will succeed along our grueling plight.
~Levin Guerra

good words for


april 4,


thank you, levin guerra


My son wrote this sonnet for a school project and I was taken with how closely it hit on the struggle with depression, the comfort of knowing we’re not alone, and the rewards that come with keeping up the fight. Smart boy.

Stay the course.

Keep the faith.

You’re a hero.



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