Faith and the Fertile Soil of Letting Go

“Leap, and the net will appear.”

~John Burroughs


I’ve come to the conclusion, slowly as I always do, that the only thing left to do is let go. I’ve spent the last year trying to force solutions; solutions to my Bipolar disorder, solutions to my future employment, solutions to the embarrassment I feel at having broken down (again). However, after a year of this, I’m no closer to finding the “answers” than I was on day one. The reality is that there are no ready-made solutions waiting to be discovered. Rather, the answers to life’s problems (if we want to call them that) bloom naturally, organically, like a flower. And just as with a flower, there must be a confluence of factors in order for a true solution to occur. It can’t be forced. And it doesn’t happen from worry or fear. It happens, well, just because. Because the sun shines, just so. Because the soil exists, just so. Because the rains fall down, just so. But I didn’t create the sun. I didn’t create the soil. I didn’t create the rain. It all just happens, just so, and a rose appears. There is no worry, no fear, no shame, and no grit. There is simply a coming together of various factors and letting go. “Leap and the net will appear,” says John Burroughs. Leap and let go.




One thought on “Faith and the Fertile Soil of Letting Go

  1. The Byrds may have been on to something:

    To everything (turn, turn, turn)
    There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
    And a time to every purpose, under heaven….

    I rely on it, and live by it. That, and “you never know”
    It’s good to be old!

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