True Moments


Sometimes, or really as often as we can, it’s important to stop and realize, really appreciate, just how beautiful this world is. We tend to whiz through our days, seeing only the blur of moments that should really take our breaths away. Work, school, taxes, mortgages, promotions…all important things, necessary for a well-ordered life. But the true moments are different. We’ve all experienced them, even if only once or twice. Moments where we find ourselves at peace with things, as they are. We look up, and instead of seeing alarm clocks, buzzing traffic, and responsibilities, we see a world so beautiful, so perfect that we sink into our being, if only for a moment.

I don’t know why these moments happen, or why they are so hard to come by. But thank goodness, they do come. If we wait, patiently. If we keep up the day-to-day business and don’t give up, those beautiful moments do come. And it doesn’t always happen when we expect it. Maybe in the supermarket or on the freeway. Maybe at work. One doesn’t have to be standing in front of Half Dome to experience the wonder, the beauty that is life.

The thing is that these moments are always there, have always been there. Even when we’re angry, sad, tired, scared, stressed, depressed, jealous or just plain grouchy, these moments are still being offered up to us. We can’t always take part, and that’s okay. But just to know that these moments are there gives me solace, comfort, and happiness.

Stay the course.

Keep the faith.

You’re a hero.



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